Look guys - Raven has fat rolls!!! :-D

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I haven't updated much lately, so I thought you all would enjoy :-D. It's so hard to believe she was less than 2 lbs. at one point.

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Ranty McRantypants

I'm currently rooming in with my preemie (born 13 wks early, now 10 wks old). All day we've been cue feeding, so approximately every 2 hrs. Her fabulous nurse just told me to give her a paci or she'll be a "snacker". -_- Oh and "A little crying won't hurt her.". Ugh. Yeah, because breastfeeding and nodding off is sooo much worse than wasting energy crying.
Thankfully, Sears' preemie book is next to me. Hmph.

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Sickday :-(

I'm currently wrapped in a blanket on the couch wishing for a hefty dose of Benadryl or the sweet embrace of death. Thankfully, fadedphoenix nabbed a copy of Fable 2 last night and I am now a hero of Albion.
On top of being sick and miserable, I attempted to load the dishwasher, so what did NOT compute was that one of the guys had left dish soap in the crock pot... Can you see where this is going?
Yes - poor sick Cat was a victim of kitchen floor bubble attack. -_-
So now that I've soaked up most of it with 8 large bath towels, I'm going to make the guys clean the actual dishwasher when they get home. Nyah.
And now for another round of chicken soup, meds, and drooling on my controller...

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We nearly hit three people on the way to work today. They seemed confused... I guess we know why now. Sucks that we missed the fuckers, in that case.
The screams from the scripting room have mostly stopped. We're all in the back room, waiting. I'm not sure what for, but that seems to be what we're doing.

Why didn't we hide weapons here that aren't made by Nerf?

I don't know what they are. I don't know where they came from. All I know is that they want in here now - apparently, the scripters didn't satiate them.

I keep staring at the blood that leaked through the crack under the door. The sound of their feet shifting around, as though they don't know where else go, and they know we have to come out sometime... At least we'll all go crazy before we starve. I can feel my mind ripping in half while I watch the pool of blood spread on the carpet. How long until someone loses it and just kills us all in here? I wonder if the creatures will be disappointed when they finally get in, if they prefer their food live.

I can hear one last person screaming now. You can't tell who they are when they scream, and I don't want to think about who the last unlucky bastard was anyway.
The screaming stopped.

Now all we hear is them. We barely talk. We just type, desperately reaching out to discover what caused this. I'm amazed the net is still up, but apparently they don't need to destroy our technology to get what they want.

Jake's quiet. Paul was in his office when they got in. He wants to go out and kill them. I've just got to keep him here with me. Going out there wouldn't do any good anyway - the most dangerous weapons we have here are staplers, hole-punchers, and Lee's marshmallow catapault.

Helluva first day back on the job. I'll keep you all posted.